LiL Moon Rocket are going to the Moon (and Mars!)

Strap in, we are going to the moon!

LiL Moon Rockets

LiL Moon Rockets is the first orginal artworks NFT on the Binance Smart Chain.
A digital vector pop art NFT collection consisting of 13337 unique art pieces, stored on the Binance SmartChain as NFTs.

The LiL Moon Rockets collection was curated out of 272,160,000 possible combinations using a unique proprietary random number generation algorithm.

Want a rocket? LiL Moon Rockets can be found on some popular #BSC secondary markets.

4000 NFTs 3000 NFTs 3000 NFTs 3000 NFTs 333 NFTs 3 NFTs 1 NFT
0.05 bnb 0.1 bnb 0.5 bnb 1 bnb 8 bnb 88 bnb 111 bnb

LiL Moon Rockets are BEP-721 NFTs on the Binance SmartChain and hosted on IPFS!

Smart contracts on BSCscan: Rocket NFT (BRC-721) / NYR Token (BRC/BEP-20) ζ™Ίθƒ½εˆηΊ¦

Second hand LiL Moon Rockets are listed on: Lootex, Treasureland, Strainz and Bounce markets

You are in for a trait!

Every LiL Moon Rocket has over 10 unique traits. Each of the 13337 NFTs is therefore unique. And you help make the artwork even more unique as you will be able to give it your artwork(s) a name using the NYR tokens which come with each LiL Moon Rocket.

It is what the great HashMasks calls the "Next Generation of Digital Art Collectibles" and LiL Moon Rockets takes pride into adopting this uniquest of all traits: naming the artwork.

Full Ownership

Full ownership comes with holding the NFT. Including commercial usage.

Scalable Vector

First collectible with consumer determined traits offered in vector graphics.


Owners co-create uniqueness through the renaming of the artworks.

It is only rocket science

13337 artworks have been curated. You can browse them all in the gallery. Each artwork was created by algorithmically curating them from potentially 272,160,000 combinations. Every artwork has unique traits. Variants in color, colorscheme, pattern, size of pattern, rocket base, rocket window, hitchhiker and other attributes. Can you spot them all? The outcome is 13337 unique works. However, some are more rare then others. And some are, well, uhmmm,... super rare!

NFT Smart Contract

Managing the capped 13337 unique LiL Moon Rocket NFTs.

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NYR Token Smart Contract

The token used for (re)-naming LiL Moon Rocket NFTs

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Your part of the art

Your human creativity becomes part of the NFT itself. The Lil Moon Rocket smartcontract allows you to name any of the LiL Moon Rocket NFTs you hold. The name you choose has to be unique among all 13337 LiL Moon Rocket NFTs. Engrave your creativity into this art project. Use it the way you like, you as token holder are 100% the owner of the work.

The end result is 13337 unique works co-created together with you,... the chosen ones, going to the moon.

NYR tokens

Each day, 7.37 Name Your Rocket-tokens (NYR) are accumulated by each LiL Moon Rocket NFT and can be claimed by the current holder whenever seemed fit. Once you collect 1337 NYR (about half a year worth of NYR), you can burn these tokens and change the name of your LiL Moon Rocket on-chain. After exactly 5 years, the last NYR will be emitted and from then on the NYR token supply can only decrease by holders to change the name of their LiL Moon Rockets.